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How Audience Research Fuels Marketing Success with Nadine Nethery

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Show Notes:

Nadine Nethery is a powerhouse when it comes to audience research, a skill she’s honed to an art as an audience-driven copywriter and brand messaging strategist.

Through her intricate work, Nadine has helped transform the way clients interact with their customers, elevating their marketing strategies from guesswork to tailored co-creation.

In this episode of Strategies that Stack, our guest Nadine unveils the secrets of melding marketing success with audience research.

Tune in to discover:

  • The narrow bridge between customer feedback and product launches
  • The role of social proof and authority in shaping buyer behavior
  • Nadine’s transition from scarcity-based marketing to ethical, supportive strategies
  • How even a small pool of survey responses can inform and catalyze growth
  • The importance of aligning with your audience’s evolving needs and expectations
  • Real-world insights on leveraging technology such as AI to deepen audience understanding
  • And much more…

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Meet our Guest:

Nadine Nethery is an audience-driven copywriter and brand messaging strategist for female founders who want to intentionally attract, delight and retain their dream customers. Her strategic take on audience research, copywriting and messaging turns every brand touchpoint into genuine connections that drive sales, celebrate loyalty and surround you with keen brand advocates who happily do the word-spreading for you. Over the past 7+ years, Nadine has given global e-commerce success stories, game-changing startups and industry-disrupting service providers the words to shine and the strategies to build a sustainable business long-term

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